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Pediatric chiropractor, Perinatal Chiropractor And influential speaker.

Dr. Matthew Roller is on a mission to change the culture of care for kids. Too many times we wait until it becomes a big problem when we should be catching things while they are small so they never get there. One of our favorite quotes is "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." - Frederick Douglass. Specializing in pediatric Chiropractic is just one step to making sure nothing is over looked and kids receive the care they need. Dr. Roller also strives to make his care affordable and easy to obtain.

about me

Hello, I am Dr. Matthew Roller. I am a father of 5 and absolutely love kids. We all work together as a family to help kids feel better and live better.

Welcome to my personal portfolio website. Here I share my journey through being the only pediatric and perinatal only specialist in the state of Utah. I have already crossed a long way through ups and downs to reach my goal. I’m paving the way for pediatric chiropractors everywhere and spreading awareness of the great need there is for more of us. I have a tight network of friends in the pediatric world and together we hope to create a culture of wellness. Keeping this in mind, I have been creating insightful and relevant content to help people.

If you'd like to learn more about me and my story follow the link below.

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I Provide Exquisite Business Advice And Invest In Tomorrow’s Leaders

Influential speaker

Dr. Roller is passionate and motivated to speak about kids and advocating for them. If you are looking for speakers for your next event feel free to reach out. 

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Our open concept space leaves room for events, yoga classes, small conferences and more.


Dr. Roller offers a variety of classes. Check out our list of upcoming and past classes we've had

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Our clients trust us and look to us for advice on where to go. We are always looking to make friends and get to know other providers so we have personal relationships with those we refer to 


Dr. Roller is a homeopath and herbalist. He is determined to help people feel better and continue to learn more 

Mindful Mommies groups

Dr. Roller leads a Monthly Mindful mommies group with pathways magazine, creating a safe, engaging environment for learning and connecting with like minded parents. 


What People Think About Me

"I love this place -Dr. Roller helped my daughter-in-law when she was pregnant. She went into labor that day! When the body is aligned, it it function so much better. The membership is wonderful because it’s much cheaper when you have a couple kids who need to go every month. We had no need for other doctor’s since coming to Kids -only"

Tona Davenport

"After just one visit, Dr. Roller was able to help our little boy out. He is very gentle and kind to our son. My wife and I are Grateful to keep seeing him"

Elvis Machado

"I came in my last month of pregnancy and Dr Roller helped me with my back pain, leg pain and all other joint pain. Because of his help, I ended up with normal delivery🙏. Also, he's been so helpful with my baby's tongue and lip tie. We both are doing great now. Thank you so much Dr. Roller🙏🙂"

Harpreet Kaur


"Dr. Roller provided the most trusting, and excellent service I could’ve gone to for my newborn. Hes so gentle and cares very much about the relationship with his clients. He helped so much through the first few months which were the hardest for me and my son. Will continue to recommend such an amazing & trustworthy chiropractor!"

Serena Angell